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Yes, I would like to apply for one of the following memberships in the Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts:

• If applying for Regular Membership, a photocopy (or original) of the liner notes of your CD/DVD/album/cassette must accompany your application. Please highlight your name where it appears on the liner notes (as artist, support musician, producer, engineer, graphic artist, photographer, or liner annotator).

• If applying for Associate Membership, please submit a detailed description on current company or personal letterhead outlining your affiliation to the recording industry (as record company employees directly involved with the recording process; distributor; distribution sales staff; record store owner or employee; radio, print, television, or internet entertainment media; professional musicians; other professionals affiliated with the recording industry).

• If applying for Friend Membership, there is no need to include any documentation. Friend Membership is open to anyone who wishes to support HARA and its initiatives.

Payment in checks:
Please make checks payable to “Hawai‘i Academy of
Recording Arts” and mail to the following along with the Application Form (pdf):
Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts
P.O. Box 821, Honolulu, HI 96808

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